Title Author Advisor(s) Completed
"Plagiarists, Sodomites, and Cannibals: Authorship and the History of Sexuality, 1740-1820" Julia Callander Prof. Deutsch 2017
"Leave Nothing to the Imagination: Global Forms of Unspeakable Atrocity After 1945" Deborah Donig Prof. Sharpe 2017
"Treason in My Breast: Wormwood and Hamlet's Petrarchism" Jason Morphew Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Gallagher
"The Intellectual Scale of Children's Fantasy: Telling Ideas in the Works of Lewis Carroll, J.M. Barrie, A.A. Milne, and E.B. White" Alethia Shih Prof. Bristow 2017
"Between Asian Girls: Minor Feminisms and Sideways Critique" Sharon Tran Prof. Lee 2017
"Evolutionary Aestheticism: Scientific Optimism and Cultural Progress, 1850-1913" Lindsay Wilhelm Prof. Bristow 2017
"Seeing Time: Boethius and the Ethics of Perspective in Chaucer's Dream Visions and Troilus and Criseyde" Gillian Adler Prof. Chism
Prof. Fisher
"The Belly and the Beast: Obstetrics, Monstrosity, and the Heroic Legacy from Classical Myth to Shakespeare" Sara Burdorff Prof. Nagy 2016
"How to Become an Author: The Art and Business of Literary Advice Handbooks from 1884-1940" John Caughey Prof. Grossman
Prof. McGurl (Stanford)
"The Interpolated Tale in the Early Novel" Katherine Charles Prof. Nussbaum 2016
"The Imperfect Form: Literary Fragments and Politics in the Early Republic" Daniel Couch Prof. Looby 2016
"Sentiment and Laughter: Caricature in the Novel, 1740-1840" Leigh-Michil George Prof. Grossman
Prof. Nussbaum
"The Past Tense of Gender on the Early Modern Stage" Christine Gottleib Prof. Braunmuller
Prof. Gallagher
"Revolutionary Futures: Romance and the Limits of Transnational Forms 1910-1986" Renee Hudson Prof. Goyal 2016
"Puzzling Modernity" Laura Lorhan Prof. North 2016
"British Travelers, Catholic Sights, and the Tourist Guidebook, 1789-1884" Alexandra Milsom Prof. Behdad
Prof. Bristow
"To Yield or Die: The Power of the Prisoner from Chaucer to Shakespeare" Holly Moyer Prof. Chism
Prof. Gallagher
"After Time: Romanticism and Anachronism" Michael Nicholson Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Mellor
"The Unseen in the Modern Image World" Brendan O'Kelly Prof. North 2016
"Unbelief: Atheism in the Literary Imagination: 1690-1810" James Reeves Prof. Nussbaum 2016
"The Anglo-Indian Novel, 1774-1825: Ameliorative Imperialisms" Samir Soni Prof. Nussbaum 2016
"The Ethical Consumer: Narratives of Social and Environmental Change in Contempoarary American Literature" Amanda Waldo Prof. Carruth 2016
"Viva Voce: Speech and Orality in Eighteenth-Century Literature" Taylor Walle Prof. Nussbaum 2016
"Georgic Reformations of the Vita Activa : The Nature of Work in Early Modern
English Literature"
Alexandra Zobel Prof. Watson 2016
"Reading from A to Z: The Alphabetic Sequence in Experimental Literature and Visual Art" Jacqueline Ardam Prof. North 2015
"Professions of Intimacy: Victorian Sequence Novels, the Mediality of Bureaucratic Organizations, and Interpersonal Relationships" Matthew Dubord Prof. Grossman 2015
"Omniscience Incarnate: Being In and Of the World in Nineteenth-Century Fiction" Christina Richieri Griffin Prof. Grossman 2015
"The FabianChild: English and American Literature and Socialist Reform, 1884-1915" Amanda Hollander Prof. Bristow 2015
"The Fictional Black Blues Figure: Blues Music and the Art of Narrative Self-Invention" Kimberly Mack Prof. Yarborough 2015
"Transformation and Medieval Aristocracy: Werewolves, Lepers and the King's Body" Francesca Marx Prof. Baswell
Prof. Chism
"Genre and Belonging in the Nineteenth-Century Novel" Christian Reed Prof. Looby 2015
"A Self-Reflexive Journey: Imagining Identity in the Eighteenth-Century Travel Narrative" Shirley Tung Prof. Nussbaum 2015
"Novels of the Nation: Literary Theory, Post-Revolutionary Republicanism, and the Rise of the Novel in America, 1789-1812" Katherine Webster Prof. Colacurcio
Prof. Looby
The Aesthetic Book of Decadent Literature, 1870-1914 Daniel Williford Prof. Bristow 2015
"Victorian Talk: Human Media and Literary Writing in the Age of Mass Print" Amy Wong Prof. Bristow 2015
"American Food Culture, the Language of Taste, and the Edible Image in Twentieth-Century Literature" Stacie Cassarino Prof. North 2014
"Serious Play : Race, Game, Asian American Literature" Tara Fickle Prof. Lee
Prof. McGurl
"The AIDS Poets, 1985-1995: From Anti-Elegy to Lyric Queerness" Aaron Gorelik Prof. Little 2014
"Spectral Evidence of an Invisible World: Gender and the Puritan Supernatural in American Fiction, 1798-1856" Alice Henton Prof. Colacurcio 2014
"The Surprising Times of the Modernist Novel" Katherine Isokawa Prof. North 2014
"Modernity and Affliction: The Making of British Bourgeois Tragedy" Alex Hernandez Prof. Nussbaum 2014
"Sustainable Gardens of the Mind: Beat Ecopoetry and Prose in Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Publications" Susan Lewak Prof. North 2014
"Solid Air: Victorian Atmosphere and Female Character in British Fiction 1847-1891" Justine Pizzo Prof. Bristow
Prof. Grossman
"Ways of Reading and Framing Collection In Late Medieval England" Emily Runde Prof. Fisher
Prof. Minkova
"Marvelous Generations: Lancastrian Geneologies and Translation Late Medieval England and Iberia" Sara Torres Prof. Fisher
Prof. Minkova
"The Immune Response: Romanticism and the Radical Literary History of Smallpox Inoculation" Fuson Wang Prof. Mellor
Prof. Makdisi
"Novels of the Nation: Literary Theory, Post-Revolutionary Republicanism, and the Rise of the Novel in America, 1789-1812" Katherine Webster Prof. Colacurcio
Prof. Rowe
"After Wordsworth:  Global Revisions of the English Poet" Katherine Bergren Prof. Makdisi 2013
"Dark Matter: British Weird Fiction and the Substance of Horror, 1880-1927" Anthony Camara Prof. Bristow 2013
"On Company Time: American Modernism and the Big Magazines" Donal Harris Prof. McGurl
Prof. North
"The Scars We Carve: Disruptive Bodies in Civil War Literature" Allison Johnson Prof. Colacurcio 2013
"The Myth of Writer's Block: Imagining American Moral Realism" Kevin Moore Prof. Sundquist 2013
"Tavern Talk: Literature, Politics & Conhviviality" Ian Newman Prof. Makdisi 2013
"Literary Gestations: Giving Birth to Writing, 1720-1831" Elizabeth Raisanen Prof. Mellor 2013
"Mongrel Forms: Tragedy, Comedy, and Mixed Genres in Britian, 1680-1760" Vivian Davis Prof. Nussbaum 2012
"Occult Americans: Invisible Culture and the Literary Imagination" Lana Finley Prof. Looby 2012
"Erotic Negativity and Victorian Aestheticism, 1864-1896" Dustin Friedman Prof. Bristow 2012
"The Art of the Modernist Body" Valerie Popp Prof. North 2012
"Literature, Technical Media, and Cognition in the Twentieth Century" James Pulizzi Prof. Hayles
Prof. Reinhard
"Fashionable Form: The Narrative Strategies of Silver-Fork Fiction, 1824-1848" Josephine Richstad Prof. Grossman 2012
"Perpetual Refugee and the Unmaking of the Global World: The Migrant Narrative Beyond Postcolonialism" Maureen Shay Prof. Sharpe 2012
"Parsing Fiction: Humanistic Computing and the Postmodern Novel" David Shepard Prof. Hayles 2012
"Reginald Pecock and Vernacular Pedagogy in Pre-Reformation England" Jennifer Smith Prof. Kelly 2012
"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: American Poetry and Film, 1895-1930" Michael Devine Prof. North 2011
"Graveyard Plots: Menippean Afterlives and Satiric Authorship in Eighteenth-Century Britain" Elizabeth Goodhue Prof. Deutsch 2011
"Cultures of Criticism in Antebellum America" Adam Gordon Prof. Colacurcio
Prof. Looby
“Divided Allegiances: Eleanor Ross Taylor and Post-War American Poetry” Eric Gudas Prof. North
Prof. Yenser
"Shame and Empathy in Chicana/o Literature" Georgina Guzman Prof. Gaspar De Alba
Prof. Perez-Torres
"Self-Portrait in a Concave Mirror: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Art of Translation” Julian Knox Prof. Burwick 2011
“The Serial Art of Henry James or, How Periodicals Shaped the Art Novel” Adam Lowenstein Prof. Bristow
Prof. McGurl
"Cultural Mediations in Contemporary Asian American and Latina/o Migrant Fiction” Christina Nagao Prof. Cheung 2011
“The Biocultural Imaginary: Contemporary Narratives of Human Variation and Genetics in the Sciences and the Arts” Olivia Banner Prof. Hayles 2010
“Bachelor Performers: Self-Reliance, Marriage, and Utopia in the Antebellum Era” Kevin Cooney Prof. Packer 2010
“The Great American Songbooks: Modernism, Musical Texts, and the Value of Popular Culture” T. Austin Graham Prof. Sundquist 2010
“Poets, Portraits, and the New York School” Jesse Johnson Prof. North 2010
“Remembering the Internment in Post-World War II Japanese American Fiction” Emily Morishima Prof. Ling 2010
“Strange Bedfellows: A Post-Feminist Study of Eros from Ovid to Edna St. Vincent Millay” Cristina Nehring Prof. Post
Prof. Yenser
“Visible Creation: Reading the Cosmos in Milton's Paradise Lost” Valerie Shepard Prof. Post 2010
"Sacred Travelers: Diasporic Narratives of Pacific Literature" Erin Suzuki Prof. Behdad 2010
“Disability of Color: Figuring the Black Body in American Law, Literature, and Culture” Dennis Tyler Prof. Yarborough 2010
"Politics, Patronage, and Orthodoxy in Late Medieval England" Alison Walker Prof. Baswell 2010
“Discursive Possession: Ethiopian Discourse in Medieval European and Eighteenth-Century English Literature” Wendy Belcher Prof. Nussbaum 2009
"Women, Devotion and the Exotic in Thirteenth-Century British Book Culture" Dorothy Kim Prof. Baswell 2009
“Acts of Genre: Literary Form and Bodily Injury in Contemporary Chicana and Asian American Women's Literature” Linda Greenberg Prof. Lee
Prof. Perez-Torres
“Everyday Matters: Aesthetic Perception in Transcendentalist Writing” Alison Hills Prof. Looby 2009
"Women, Devotion and the Exotic in Thirteenth-Century British Book Culture" Dorothy Kim Prof. Baswell 2009
“Print Panethnicities: From Coalitions to Networks in Asian American Cultural Production” Joyce Lee Prof. Cheung 2009
"Sisters in Crime: Black Femininity, Law, and Literature in American Culture" Courtney Marshall Prof. Little 2009
“Corridor: Media Architectures in American Fiction” Katie Marshall Prof. Seltzer 2009
"Monastic Literary Culture and Communities in England, 1066-1250" Thomas O'Donnell Prof. Baswell 2009
"Seeing Tongue, Tasting Eye: Words as Food in American Verse" John Reder Prof. Packer
Prof. Lincoln
"Tales from Elsewhere: Fiction at a Proximate Distance in the Anglophone Atlantic, 1800-1850" Joseph Rezek Prof. Looby 2009
“Queer Natures: Feeling Degenerate in Literary Modernism” Sam See Prof. North 2009
“Corruption and Infected Sin: The Elizabethan Rhetoric of Decay” Bianca Ryan-Lopez Prof. Allen 2009
“A Dubious Hero for the Time: Roman Histories of Alexander the Great in Plantagenet England” C. Russell Stone Prof. Baswell 2009
"Discursive Possession: Ethiopian Discourse in Medieval European and eighteenth-Century English Literature" Wendy Belcher Prof. Nussbaum 2008
“The Materials - Technoscience and Poetry at the Limits of Fabrication” Nathan Brown Prof. Hayles 2008
“Arnoldian Renouncements: Ethical Exemplarity and Modern Thought” James Caufield Prof. Bristow 2008
"Pochos, Vatos, and Other Types of Assimilation: Masculinities in Chicano Literature, 1940-2004" John Cutler Prof. Perez-Torres 2008
"Hellenism and English Women's Wirting, 1800-1840: Poetics of the Ephemeral" Noah Comet Prof. Mellor
Prof. Bristow
“Revolutionary Republic of Letters: Anglo-American Radical Literature in the 1790s” Anthony Galluzzo Prof. Looby 2008
“Useful Fiction: Why Universities Need Middlebrow Literature” Melanie Ho Prof. McGurl 2008
“The British Romantic Reconstruction of Spain” John-David Lopez Prof. Burwick 2008
“Narratives of Romantic Masculinity Within the Long Eighteenth Century” James Masland Prof. Makdisi 2008
“Troubled Migrations: An Analysis of Caribbean-American Women's (Im)migration Literature” Keidra Morris Prof. Sharpe
Prof. Smith
"The Postimperial Imagination: The emergence of a Transnational Literary Space, from Samuel Beckett to Hanif Kureishi" John Naito Prof. Behdad 2008
“The Exotics of Representation in Twentieth-Century Korean American Literature” Grace Park Prof. Cheung 2008
"The Curatorial Imagination in England, 1600-1752" Sean Silver Prof. Deutsch 2008
“The Games Fairies Play: Otherworld Intruder in Medieval Literary Narratives” Lisa Spangenberg Prof. Nagy 2008
"Indigenous Modernity and the Making of Americans, 1890-1935" Kathleen Washburn Prof. Lincoln 2008
"Brilliant Gloom: The Contradictions of British Gothic Drama, 1768-1823" Heather Wozniak Prof. Mellor 2008
"Musical Letters: Eighteenth-Century Writins on Music and the Fictions of Burney, Radcliffe, and Scott" Noelle Chao Prof. Gallagher
Prof. Lewis
“Transpacific Femininities: Unmapping the Narratives of Philippine-U.S. Contact” Denise Cruz Prof. Cheung
Prof. Yarborough
“Continent's End: Literacy Regionalism in the Modern West” Geneva Gano Prof. North 2007
"Irish Realism: Women, The Novel, and National Politics, 1870-1922" Alison Harvey Prof. Bristow 2007
“Imperial Animals: Romanticism and the Politicized Animal” Darren Howard Prof. Mellor 2007
"The ‘Kynde Bloode of Engeland’: Remaking Englishness in the Middle English Prose Brut" Margaret Lamont Prof. Baswell 2007
"Savage Violence: Technology, Civility, and Sovereignty in British Fiction, 1682-1745" Chris Loar Prof. Nussbaum 2007
“Object Vanishings in Early Modern Narrative” David Long Prof. Gallagher 2007
“Postcolonial Blues: Gender and the Mobile Literacies of the Black Atlantic” Samantha Pinto Prof. Sharpe 2007
“Digital Modernism: Making It New in New Media” Jessica Pressman Prof. Hayles 2007
“Embodied Citizenship: Disability in the National Imagination” Emily Russell Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Lee
"Wandering, Form, and the Sentimental Novel" Melissa Sodeman Prof. Nussbaum 2007
"Asian Fighters in U.S. Minority Literature: Iconology, Intimacy and Other Imagined Communities" Grace Yeh Prof. Lee 2007