Title Author Advisor(s)
Biographical Subjects in Mid Nineteenth-Century America Benjamin Beck Prof. Looby
Marvelous Figures: Shamans, Decoloniality, and Contemporary Literature Kimberly Calder Prof. Heise
Narratives and Embodied Strategies of Resilience: Survival, Coping, and Wellness in Representations of Contemporary China Kathryn Cai Prof. Lee
Narrating the Visual: Seeing Race in Contemporary Asian American Literature Sharon Chon Prof. Ling
"Women, and Nothing But Women": Literature and Feminine Singularity Ronjaunee Chatterjee Prof. Bristow
Time’s Citizens: Literature and the Temporal Foundations of U.S. Civic Membership, 1885-1929 Willilam Clark Prof. Looby
Prof. Yarborough
Literary Adaptation and the Orient, 1660-1837: Indigenizing the East Angelina Del Balzo Prof. Nussbaum
Scenes of Love: Atlantic Romance and the Black Venus Figure Lauren Dembowitz Prof. Goyal
Driven to Succeed: Automobility in American Fiction, 1919-1945 P.J. Emery Prof. Yarborough
In the Optative Mood: Unitarian Optimism and the Transcendental Affects of Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau Mark Gallagher Prof. Colacurcio
Irritable Bowels: Romantic Discourses of Digestion Shawn Cailey Hall Prof. Makdisi
J is for Job: The Book of Job in Early Modern England Kimberly Hedlin Prof. Shuger
Social Reading in the Digital Age Allison Hegel Prof. Carruth
The Estranging Metaphor in a Strange Land: The Translatio of Arabic Poetics at the Intersection of Science and Theology in Early Middle English Lyrics, 1150-1300 Rebecca Hill Prof. Chism
Fragile Minds: Idiosyncrasy, Representation, and Psychological Disability in U.S. Literature, 1798-1899 Jessica Horvath Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Yarborough
Logics of Scale in Modern and Contemporary Literature Jay Jin Prof. North
"Except some beautiful prospect appears within sight of my way": Digression and the Eighteenth-Century Novel Boram Claire Kim Prof. Deutsch
Reading Stevens: Elizabeth Bishop and James Merrill's Response to Wallace Stevens Jacob Lang Prof. Yenser
London-walking and the Dissolution of English National Character in the British Novel, 1840-1910 Ji Eun Lee Prof. Grossman
Deviant Representations: Discourses of Sexuality and Facilitations of Intersectionality in American Film and Literature, 1918-1945 Kirsten Lew Prof. McHugh
Prof. Yarborough
American Late Realism Gabriel Mehlman Prof. North
Prof. Seltzer
Modern Feeling: American Sentimentalism, 1915-1935 Lisa Mendelman Prof. North

Weather ex Machina: Climatic Determinism and the Fiction of Causality in the Twentieth-Century Novel

Sydney Miller Prof. North
Alien Love: Passing, Race, and the Ethics of the Neighbor in Post-War African American Novels (1945-1956) Hannah Nahm Prof. Yarborough
The Pathologies of Flesh: Temporalities of Feminine Embodiment in Contemporary Poetry Sarah Nance Prof. Deutsch
Queer American Modernism: Aesthetics and Politics Across the Color Line Eric Newman Prof. Goyal
The Unseen in the Modern Image World Brendan O'Kelly Prof. North
Modernist Women and fin-de-siècle Culture: Lucas Malet, Netta Syrett, Ada Leverson, Dorothy Richarson, and the Development of the English Novel Crescent Rainwater Prof. Bristow
Time Out of Joint: Counterfactuals, Alternate Histories, and Traumatic Narrative Taly Ravid Prof. Deutsch
Prof. North
Writing Country: Geography and American Literature in the Nineteenth Century Grant Rosson Prof. Looby
The Deskilling of Postwar American Poetry Jeremy Schmidt Prof. North
Imagination and Disciplinary Development: Rethinking the Arts and Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Britain  Kiel Shaub Prof. Makdisi
Perfect Holes: Kenotic Strategies in Early Modern Literature Megan Smith Prof. Gallagher
Reading Radical Politics in Anglophone Caribbean Literature after Independence Robert Smith Prof. Sharpe
Reading in Books: Theories of Reading in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction Samantha Sommers Prof. Looby
Sites, Settings, and Strata: Asian American Literature and the Built Environment  Gregory Toy Prof. Lee 
Witnessing Violence:  Affect Theory, Crowds, and African American Fiction Brandy Underwood Prof. Yarborough
Female Alliance and Utopia in English Society 1401-1668 Alexandra Verini Prof. Chism
Prof. Gallagher
Theorizing the Pō: Genealogy, Time, and Space in Polynesian Literature Joyce Warren Prof. DeLoughrey
The Transnational Origins of the American Self Jordan Wingate Prof. Looby
Prof. Yarborough
Keepin' It Real: The Reform Aesthetic in British Fiction from the Second Reform Act to the First World War Michael Vignola Prof. Grossman
Novels that Enact: Neoliberal Narrativization and Emerging Forms in 21st Century Fiction  Sujin Youn  Prof. Seltzer 
Emergent Realisms: American Crime Fiction across Media Martin Zirulnik Prof. Heise
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(Extra) Ordinary People: Ginsberg and the Raw Poets