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Allmendinger, Blake

Literature of the American West

Behdad, Ali

Victorian Literature
Postcolonial Theory
Travel Literature

Braunmuller, Albert R.

Western Drama from the Greeks to Present
Theory and Practice of European Drama 1500-1700
British Early Modern and 19th-Century and 20th/21st-Century Drama

Bristow, Joseph

British & Irish Literature, 1832-1914
Histories and Theories of Sexuality
LGBT Studies / Queer Theory
Oscar Wilde and his circle

Carruth, Allison


American literature (especially since 1945)
Contemporary fiction
Ecocriticism / Environmental Humanities
Literature & Science / STS
Globalization theory
Food studies

Cheung, King-Kok

Chinese and Chinese American Comparative Literature
Comparative American Ethnic Literatures
Asian American Literature
Comparative Heroic Traditions
Renaissance British Literature

Chism, Christine

Medieval Literature and Drama
Medieval Intercultural Encounter
The Medieval Mediterranean Theories of History, Culture and Performance
Medieval Islam and Arabic


Cohen, Michael C.

Nineteenth-century poetry
American literature
Historical poetics
History of the book


Colacurcio, Michael J.

American Literary and Intellectual History, beginnings to 1900
Literature and Philosophy
Historical Criticism

Cunningham, Karen

Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama
Shakespeare and the law
Early modern legal history
Gender in Renaissance Drama
Feminist literary history and theory
Writing in the English major

Decker, Jeffrey L.

Modern and Contemporary American Literature
Immigrant and Ethnic American Studies
Film and Television

DeLoughrey, Elizabeth

Postcolonial Studies
Ecocritical/Environmental Studies
Diaspora and Indigenous Studies
Globalization, Militarization, Nuclearization
Island, Oceanic, and Gender Studies
Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures

Deutsch, Helen E.

Eighteenth-century British Literature and Culture
Disability Studies
Gender Studies
Literary Theory

Dickey, Stephen J.

Shakespeare and English Renaissance Literature
The Beat Generation

Dimuro, Joseph A. 19th and 20th Century American Literature
History and Theory of the Novel
Cultural Theory
Henry James


Fisher, Matthew


Insular Medieval Literature (in Latin, Old English, Anglo-Norman, And Middle English)
Medieval History Writing
Travel Writing, Saints’ Lives, and Romance
Insular Medieval Manuscripts (paleography and codicology)


Fuchs, Barbara


Early Modern English and Spanish Literature
Mediterranean and Transatlantic Studies
Literature and Empire
Transnationalism and Literary History
Race and Religion in the Early Modern World

Gallagher, Lowell

Renaissance Studies
Critical Theory
English Catholic Studies
Religion and Literature
Queer Studies

Goodwin, James E.

Modern Literature and Drama

Goyal, Yogita

African American Literature
Diaspora and Transnationalism
Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies


Grossman, Jonathan H.


19th-Century British Literature
History, Form, and Sociology of the Novel
Narrative and Temporality

Hornby, Louise 20th Century British Literature
Interdisciplinary Studies


Hyde, Carrie


19th-Century U.S. Literature and Culture
Political Philosophy and Theory
The Black Atlantic
Historical Methods

Jager, Eric

Medieval Literature


Kareem, Sarah T.


The History and Theory of The Novel
Enlightenment Philosophy
Literature and Science
Realism and The Marvelous

Kaufman, Eleanor Twentieth-century French philosophy and literature
History of Critical Theory
Medieval Christian Philosophy
Literature of the Jewish Diaspora
Western American Jewish Studies

Kelly, Henry A.

Medieval and Renaissance Literature and History
Biblical Studies
Ecclesiastical History and Theology

Lee, Rachel C.

Asian American Literature and Culture
Studies of Race and Ethnicity
Body Studies and Biopolitics
Feminist and Queer Theory


Ling, Jinqi

Asian American Literature
Asian American Studies
Literary and Cultural Theory

Little, Arthur L.

Shakespeare/Early Modern Studies
LGBT/Queer Studies
Gender Studies
African American/Black Diaspora Studies

Looby, Christopher

Early and Colonial America
19th-Century American
Gender / Sexuality Studies

Lopez, Marissa K.

Chicana/o Literature 19th-Century Literature, especially the literature of the West and California
Novel Theory
Globalization and Transnational Studies
Bodies and Corporeal Subjectivity

Louie, David Wong

Fiction Writing
Asian American Literature
Contemporary American Literature

Makdisi, Saree

British Romanticism
Imperial culture
Postcolonial studies
Urban modernity
The contemporary Arab world 

Maniquis, Robert M.

Late 18th and Early 19th-Century Literature
Comparative Literature

McEachern, Claire

16th and 17th Century British Literature
Reformation Religions and Politics
Gender / Sexuality
Early Modern Women’s Writing
Shakespeare Editing

McHugh, Kathleen

Film and Visual Cultural Studies
Contemporary, Critical and Feminist Theory

McMillan, Uri

African American Studies
African American Literature
American Literature
Black and Latino/a Popular Cultures
Black Performance
Critical Race Theory
Feminist Performance Art and Theory
Queer Studies
Third World Feminisms
Women’s Studies

Mellor, Anne K.

British Romantic Literature and Art
18th and 19th Century Women’s Writing
Feminist Theory
Literature and Science
Literature and Philosophy

Minkova, Donka

History of the English Language
History and Structure of English Verse
English Word-Structure
Varieties of English

Mullen, Harryette R.

African American Literature
American Poetry
Creative Writing


Nagy, Joseph F.


Celtic Languages and Literatures
Folklore and Mythology

North, Michael A.

20th Century British and American Literature
Postcolonial Literature
Visual and Media Studies
Politics and Literature
Race, Ethnicity and Language

Nussbaum, Felicity

18th-Century British Literature
Disability Studies
Nonfiction Prose
Women’s Literature
Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature

Pérez-Torres, Rafael

Chicano Literature and Culture
Contemporary Multicultural Production and Theories of Post-coloniality and Post-modernity


Post, Jonathan F S


Poetry of Shakespeare, Milton, Donne and the Metaphysical Poets
Modern and Contemporary Poetry
Visual Arts
Matters of the Baroque
The Writings of Sir Thomas Browne


Reinhard, Kenneth


The History of Critical and Aesthetic Theory,
Contemporary Critical Theory (Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Political Theory)
Jewish Studies (Hermeneutics and Modern Jewish Philosophy)


Rowe, Karen E.


Colonial American Literature to 1800
Women’s Literature
17th-Century English Literature


Sanchez, Juan


British Romanticism
Transatlantic Literary Studies
The Global 19th Century
19th-Century Anglo-Hispanic Literary Culture

Seltzer, Mark I.

American Literature
Modern and Contemporary Theory and Society
Media Studies

Sharpe, Jenny

Postcolonial Studies
Caribbean Literature
Critical Theory
Gender Studies

Shuger, Debora K.

Renaissance / 17th-Century
Tudor-Stuart Literature
Early Modern Religious, Political and Legal Thought


Simpson, Mona


The Novel
The Short Story
The Old Fashioned Love of Literary Pleasure

Stefans, Brian Kim

Digital Aesthetics
20th / 21st- Century Poetry
Video Game Narrative Studies
Book Arts


Streeter, Caroline


African American Studies
Ethnic Studies
Women's Studies


 Watson, Robert N.

William Shakespeare
Ben Jonson’s Comedies
The Metaphysical Poets
Renaissance Religion
The U.S. in the 1960s
Contemporary Politics
Contemporary Poetry

Yarborough, Richard A.

African American Literature
19th and 20th Century American Fiction
Politics & Literature
American Popular Culture (film, music)

Yenser, Stephen

The Writing of Poems
Contemporary American Poetry
Lyric Poetry in English

Emeriti Name

Fields of Interest

Allen, Michael J.


English Medieval and Renaissance Literature, especially Shakespeare
Italian Quattrocento Literature
Renaissance Philosophy, especially the Platonism of Marsilio Ficino
And Pico della Mirandolaf

Burwick, Fred L.

British and German Romanticism
19th-Century Drama
Perception Theory
Literature and Cognitive Science

Kipling, Gordon L.

Medieval and Tudor Drama
Theatrical Spectacle

Lincoln, Kenneth R.

Contemporary Literature
Native American Literature
Native American Poetry

Novak, Maximillian E.

The Novel
Restoration and 18th Century Literature
Jewish-American Literature

Wortham, Thomas R.

19th-Century American Literature and Culture
Textual Scholarship