Title Author Advisor(s)
Biographical Subjects in Mid Nineteenth-Century America Benjamin Beck Prof. Looby
Marvelous Figures: Shamans, Decoloniality, and Contemporary Literature Kimberly Calder Prof. Heise
Plagiarists, Sodomites, and Cannibals: Authorship and the History of Sexuality, 1740-1820 Julia Callander Prof. Deutsch
Narratives and Embodied Strategies of Resilience: Survival, Coping, and Wellness in Representations of Contemporary China Kathryn Cai Prof. Lee
Narrating the Visual: Seeing Race in Contemporary Asian American Literature Sharon Chon Prof. Ling
"Women, and Nothing But Women": Literature and Feminine Singularity Ronjaunee Chatterjee Prof. Bristow
Time’s Citizens: Literature and the Temporal Foundations of U.S. Civic Membership, 1885-1929 Willilam Clark Prof. Looby
Prof. Yarborough
Literary Adaptation and the Orient, 1660-1837: Indigenizing the East Angelina Del Balzo Prof. Nussbaum
Scenes of Love: Atlantic Romance and the Black Venus Figure Lauren Dembowitz Prof. Goyal
Leave Nothing to the Imagination: Glimpses of the Ineffable After 1945 Deborah Donig Prof. Sharpe
Driven to Succeed: Automobility in American Fiction, 1919-1945 P.J. Emery Prof. Yarborough
In the Optative Mood: Unitarian Optimism and the Transcendental Affects of Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau Mark Gallagher Prof. Colacurcio
Irritable Bowels: Romantic Discourses of Digestion Shawn Cailey Hall Prof. Makdisi
J is for Job: The Book of Job in Early Modern England Kimberly Hedlin Prof. Shuger
Social Reading in the Digital Age Allison Hegel Prof. Carruth
The Estranging Metaphor in a Strange Land: The Translatio of Arabic Poetics at the Intersection of Science and Theology in Early Middle English Lyrics, 1150-1300 Rebecca Hill Prof. Chism
Fragile Minds: Idiosyncrasy, Representation, and Psychological Disability in U.S. Literature, 1798-1899 Jessica Horvath Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Yarborough
Logics of Scale in Modern and Contemporary Literature Jay Jin Prof. North
"Except some beautiful prospect appears within sight of my way": Digression and the Eighteenth-Century Novel Boram Claire Kim Prof. Deutsch
Reading Stevens: Elizabeth Bishop and James Merrill's Response to Wallace Stevens Jacob Lang Prof. Yenser
London-walking and the Dissolution of English National Character in the British Novel, 1840-1910 Ji Eun Lee Prof. Grossman
Deviant Representations: Discourses of Sexuality and Facilitations of Intersectionality in American Film and Literature, 1918-1945 Kirsten Lew Prof. McHugh
Prof. Yarborough
American Late Realism Gabriel Mehlman Prof. North
Prof. Seltzer
Modern Feeling: American Sentimentalism, 1915-1935 Lisa Mendelman Prof. North

Weather ex Machina: Climatic Determinism and the Fiction of Causality in the Twentieth-Century Novel

Sydney Miller Prof. North
Hamlet's Petrarchism Jason Morphew Prof. Deutsch
Prof. Gallagher
Alien Love: Passing, Race, and the Ethics of the Neighbor in Post-War African American Novels (1945-1956) Hannah Nahm Prof. Yarborough
The Pathologies of Flesh: Temporalities of Feminine Embodiment in Contemporary Poetry Sarah Nance Prof. Deutsch
Queer American Modernism: Aesthetics and Politics Across the Color Line Eric Newman Prof. Goyal
The Unseen in the Modern Image World Brendan O'Kelly Prof. North
Puzzling Modernity Laura Pierson Prof. North
Modernist Women and fin-de-siècle Culture: Lucas Malet, Netta Syrett, Ada Leverson, Dorothy Richarson, and the Development of the English Novel Crescent Rainwater Prof. Bristow
Time Out of Joint: Counterfactuals, Alternate Histories, and Traumatic Narrative Taly Ravid Prof. Deutsch
Prof. North
Unbelief: Atheism in the Literary Imagination, 1790-1810 James Reeves Prof. Nussbaum
Writing Country: Geography and American Literature in the Nineteenth Century Grant Rosson Prof. Looby
The Deskilling of Postwar American Poetry Jeremy Schmidt Prof. North
Imagination and Disciplinary Development: Rethinking the Arts and Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Britain  Kiel Shaub Prof. Makdisi
Or Not Growing Up: Resizing Children's Fantasy, 1865-1952 Alethia Shih Prof. Bristow
Perfect Holes: Kenotic Strategies in Early Modern Literature Megan Smith Prof. Gallagher
Reading Radical Politics in Anglophone Caribbean Literature after Independence Robert Smith Prof. Sharpe
Reading in Books: Theories of Reading in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction Samantha Sommers Prof. Looby
Un/Settling Travelers: The British Novel Set in India, 1760-1820 Samir Soni Prof. Nussbaum
Sites, Settings, and Strata: Asian American Literature and the Built Environment  Gregory Toy Prof. Lee 
Between Asian Girls: On Female Homosociality/Homoeroticism Sharon Tran Prof. Lee
Witnessing Violence:  Affect Theory, Crowds, and African American Fiction Brandy Underwood Prof. Yarborough
Female Alliance and Utopia in English Society 1401-1668 Alexandra Verini Prof. Chism
Prof. Gallagher
Evolutionary Aestheticism: Scientific Optimism and Cultural Progress, 1850-1913 Lindsay Wilhelm Prof. Bristow
Theorizing the Pō: Genealogy, Time, and Space in Polynesian Literature Joyce Warren Prof. DeLoughrey
The Transnational Origins of the American Self Jordan Wingate Prof. Looby
Prof. Yarborough
Keepin' It Real: The Reform Aesthetic in British Fiction from the Second Reform Act to the First World War Michael Vignola Prof. Grossman
Novels that Enact: Neoliberal Narrativization and Emerging Forms in 21st Century Fiction  Sujin Youn  Prof. Seltzer 
Emergent Realisms: American Crime Fiction across Media Martin Zirulnik Prof. Heise
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(Extra) Ordinary People: Ginsberg and the Raw Poets