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Romanticism and the Age of the Revolution


This program offers students an opportunity to encounter first hand the traces of one of the most turbulent and exciting moments in London's history: the Age of Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century, which gave birth to the cultural explosion known as Romanticism. Visits to museums, galleries and archival collections—including Tate Britain, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of London and the British Museum—will allow program participants to examine some of the age's revolutionary pamphlets, cultural manifestos, and experiments in visual culture, including many unique examples of work that can be seen nowhere else. Registration begins November 15.

Program Director: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , UCLA Department of English

Curriculum: 10-14 units

  • English 169-Topics in Literature, circa 1700 to 1850: Romanticism and Revolution (5 units)
  • English 182D/184-Topics in Romantic Literature/Capstone Seminar (5 units)*
  • English 199-Individual Studies (optional 4 units)

*English majors who will have completed 4 upper division English courses by the end of spring term will be registered in English 184 for capstone credit; all other students will be registered in 182D.

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Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon and London


The UCLA Department of English invites all of you with a love for the English language and theater to spend the month of July studying Shakespeare in charming Stratford-upon-Avon. You will see Shakespeare's plays performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and meet the actors who perform them. Explore Warwick Castle and surrounding country. Visit London to see where Shakespeare worked. This program is open to all UC students and selected students from outside the UC system. Registration begins November 15.

Program Director: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , UCLA Department of English.

Curriculum: 10-14 units

For English Majors

  • English 150A-Shakespeare: Poems and Early Plays (5 units)
  • English 150B-Shakespeare: Later Plays (5 units)
  • English 199: Individual Studies (optional 4 units)

Students who have already taken English 150A or 150B may substitute English 150C-Shakespeare: Special Topics for that course.

For non-English Majors

  • English 90-Shakespeare (5 units) may fulfill GE requirement
  • English 110-Studies in Drama (5 units)
  • English 199: Individual Studies (optional 4 units)

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EAP (Education Abroad Program)

EAP offers opportunities for Bruins to study in countries all over the world, during the regular academic year and summer.

Career Center's Internships and Study Abroad Services

The UCLA Career Center offers individual and group advising to students on a wide array of international opportunities such as international internships, study abroad programs, volunteer positions, short-term work abroad, teaching abroad, international scholarships, and international traveling. The UCLA Career Center keeps information and offers individual counseling regarding hundreds of study abroad opportunities. There are programs to most countries in the world and they range in time from one week, for the summer, one quarter, or one year.