Burwick, Fred L.
Research Professor
Humanities 149
Tel: 310.825.4173
Fax: 310.267.4339
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B.A., University of La Verne, 1959
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1965


British and German Romanticism; 19th-Century Drama; Perception Theory; Literature and Cognitive Science.

Selected Works

Mimesis and its Romantic Reflections (2001); Thomas De Quincey: Knowledge and Power (2001); Ed. The Works of Thomas De Quincey, vols. 3, 4, 15 (2000-2002); Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination (1996); Ed., (with Walter Pape) The Boydell Shakespeare Gallery (1996); Illusion and the Drama. Critical Theory of the Enlightenment and Romantic Era (1991); The Haunted Eye: Perception and the Grotesque in English and German Romanticism (1987); The Damnation of Newton: Goethe's Color Theory and Romantic Perception (1986).


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