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2013-2014 ARC Schedule

All meetings are held at 4:00pm in Humanities 193 unless otherwise noted.

FALL 2013

Oct. 24, Martin Harries (UC Irvine), “S. N. Behrman and the Extermination of the Jews: Broadway, Christmas Eve, 1934”

Nov. 7, Christian Reed (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), “The Echo Chamber of Sentimentalism”

Dec. 5, Carrie Hyde, (Asst. Prof., UCLA), TBA



Jan. 23, Alex Socarides (Asst. Prof., U Missouri), TBA

Feb. 20, Bert Emerson (Asst. Prof., Cal Poly Pomona), TBA

Mar. 13, Adrienne Posner (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), TBA



Apr. 10, Jeremy Schmidt (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), TBA

May 8, Dan Couch (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), TBA

May 22, Erin Forbes (Asst. Prof., U Wyoming), TBA

Jun. 5, Jackie Ardam (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), TBA