Who we are

The 19thc Group is an interdisciplinary research colloquium for the study of British literature and culture broadly and openly defined, including trans-Atlantic exchanges, empire, and more. We are interested in the long nineteenth century--including the late eighteenth century and the Edwardian period.

The 19thc Group holds meetings each quarter. Our main purpose is to provide a place where graduate students and faculty can share their work in progress. We also meet to hear papers presented by visiting scholars. Most meetings occur on Tuesdays at 4pm.

If you're interested in our group, please sign up for our mailing list; contact information below.

graduate coordinator
Josie Richstad

faculty coordinator
Jonathan Grossman

previous graduate coordinators
Melissa Sodeman (2005-06)
Matt Dubord (2006-07)


Josie Richstad is our 2007-08 coordinator!

Fall 2007 schedule


4pm, Tuesday
October 16
Humanities 193


Noah Comet

Felicia Hemans and the "exquisite remains"
of Modern Greece


4pm, Tuesday
November 6
Humanities 193


Matt Dubord

Free, Brave, and Personal:
Art and Politics in Henry James’s The Tragic Muse


4pm, Tuesday
November 20
Humanities 193


Adam Lowenstein

“Surprises that struck the hour”:
The Tragic Muse and the Representational Crisis of the Jamesian Serial


4pm, Tuesday
January tbd
Humanities 193


Dustin Friedman

dissertation prospectus roundtable:
"Untidy lives": Negativity and Desire in the British Künstlerroman, 1867-1919

4pm, Tuesday
March 4
Humanities 193

Kate Bergren

Fragmenting Wordsworth: Lydia Maria Child and the Boundaries of National Literature

4pm, Thursday
March 20
Humanities 193
David Kurnick
4pm, Tuesday
April 15
Humanities 193
Katherine Isokawa
4pm, Tuesday
Humanities 193




Of Note

Please contact Jonathan Grossman
at grossman@humnet.ucla.edu if you want to be added to the mailing list, announce an event to us via our mailing list, or have some other inquiry.
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