English 197: Individual Studies
English 197 is a syllabus-driven course of study generated by a faculty instructor.

English 199: Directed Research
English 199 is a student-idea-generated course of study mentored by a faculty advisor.

Instructions for 2011-2012

Am I eligible to enroll in English 197/199?
A student must have advanced Junior standing and at least a 3.0 G.P.A. in his or her major field, or must have Senior standing. The student is responsible for demonstrating to the instructor that he or she has adequate background and ability to complete the proposed plan of study.

What evidence of work will I need to show?
Turn in a copy of your final paper to the Undergraduate Counseling office (Humanities 158/160) no later than Friday of Finals Week. We must have your work on file in order to submit your grade.

How many units can I earn?
The value of one unit constitutes three hours of work by the student per week per term, or the equivalent. For example, a two-unit course constitutes six hours of work per week during the term. Likewise, a four-unit course would require twelve hours of work per week from the student.

How do I enroll?

1. Complete the 197/199 contract form: The contract form must be filled out before you can obtain approval for an upper-division tutorial course.

2. Obtain signatures: Obtain the signature of the English faculty instructor who will be supervising your study and assigning you a grade at the end of the term. Also, obtain the signature of the vice chair of the department by placing the form in their mailbox in the main office (Humanities 149).

3. The vice chair will then forward your form to the counseling office for processing.

When is the deadline to enroll?
The deadline to enroll in an Upper-Division Tutorial Course (195-199) without a fee is Friday of the second week of classes, and with a fee, Friday of the third week classes. Late add procedures apply after third week.

Where can I find the contract forms for Upper-Division Tutorial Courses (195-199)?
The contract forms can be found on your MyUCLA page under MyUCLA Features.