*Required Reading

Major Authors

*Dryden.  Selections in Tillotson (less Marriage A-la-Mode), plus Of Dramatick Poesie, The Hind and the Panther, Part I, To My Honour'd Kinsman.  See also Restoration Tragedy

*Johnson.  Vanity of Human Wishes, Rambler selections in Tillotson, Rasselas, Preface to Shakespeare, Preface to A Dictionary, Live of the Poets selections in Tillotson.

*Pope.  Windsor-Forest, Essay on Criticism, Rape of the Lock, Essay on Man, Epistles to Several Persons (Moral Essays), Epistle to Arbuthnot, Horatian imitations of Satire II.i and Epistle II.i, Epilogue to the Satires (Dialogue II), Dunciad, prefaces to Iliad and 1717 Works

*Swift. A Modest Proposal, Veres on the Death of Doctor Swift, A Tale of a Tub, The Battle of the Books, Gulliver's Travels, The Lady's Dressing-Room

Drama: Restoration Comedy

*Behn.  The Rover

*Congreve.  Love for Love, The Way of the World

*Etherege.  The Man of Mode

*Wycherley.  The Country Wife

Drama: Restoration Tragedy

*Dryden.  All for Love

*Otway.  Venice Preserv'd


Drama: Eighteen Century

*Gay.  The Beggar's Opera

*Lillo.  The London Merchant

*Sheridan.  The School for Scandal or The Rivals

*Steele.  The Conscious Lovers



*Behn.  Oroonoko

*Burney.  Evelina

*Defoe.  Moll Flanders or Robinson Crusoe

*Fielding.  Joseph Andrews or Tom Jones

*Godwin.  Caleb Williams

*Haywood.  Love in Excess

*Lennox.  The Female Quixote

*Richardson.  Clarissa (George Sherburn edition plus supplements including Mrs. Sinclair’s death and extra Lovelace).

*Sterne.  Tristram Shandy



*Addison and Steele.  The Spectator:  papers about the "Club" (2, 26, 34, 106, 109, 110, 112, 113, 122, 130, 335, 499, 517, 530, 549), critical and other papers (1, 10), on Wit (58-63, 65, 70), on Paradise Lost (267, 273, 279, 285), on the Pleasures of the Imagination (411-421), 555.

*Blake.  Songs of Innocence and Experience, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

*Boswell.  Selections from The Life of Johnson in Norton Anthology, 5th ed.

*Collier.  Mary Leapor, Ann Yearsley. Selections in Lonsdale

*Cowper.  Selections in Tillotson, plus The Task, Book IV

*Equiano. Interestin Narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano

* Finch, Anne, Countess of Winchilsea.  Selections in Tillotson plus The Introduction, The Spleen, The Bird and the Arras, Fragment

*Gray.  Selections in Tillotson, plus The Bard and letters of 1739-42 (in the ed. of P. Toynbee)

*Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley.  Turkish letters

*Rochester.  Selections in Tillotson, plus A Ramble in St. James's Park, A Letter from Artemisia, An Allusion to Horace

*Thomson.  The Seasons: "Winter" plus at least one other season and the "Hymn"

*Wollstonecraft.  Vindication of the Rights of Woman, chapters 2, 4, 13

For Further Reading


Lonsdale.  Eighteen-Century Women Poets, ed. Roger Lonsdale

Tillotson.  Eighteenth-Century English Literature, ed. Tillotson, Fussell, and Waingrow


Restoration Comedy

Farquahr.  The Beaux Stratagem

Vanbrugh.  The Relapse


Restoration Tragedy

Lee.  The Rival Queens or Lucius Junius Brutus

Eighteenth-Century Drama

Addison.  Cato

Goldsmith.  She Stoops to Conquer

Rowe.  The Fair Penitent


Radcliffe.  The Italian or The Mysteries of Udolpho

Smollett.  Roderick Random, Humphry Clinker

Walpole.  The Castle of Otranto


Bunyan.  Pilgram's Progress

Butler.  Hudibras, Part I, Canto I

Collins.  Selections in Tillotson

Defoe.  Shortest Way with Dissenters, A Journal of the Plague Year.  See also Novel

Dyer.  Grongar Hill

Gibbon.  Selections in Tillotson

Goldsmith.  The Deserted Village. See also Eighteenth-Century Drama

Hume.  A Treatise of Human Nature, I.i, II.ii

Killigrew.  "Upon the Saying that My Verses were Made by Another"

Locke.  Selections in Tillotson

Mandeville.  Selections in Tillotson, together with the notes in the ed. of F. B. Kaye

Pepys.  Selections from Diary in Tillotson

Shaftesbury.  Selections in Tillotson

Smart.  Jubilate Agno, A Song to David

Smith.  Theory of Moral Sentiments, Book One

Young.  Night Thoughts, I and VII


January, 1998